Welcome to DJ's Moments in Time ~ Capturing Your Special Moments in Time

I feel there is no better way to celebrate life then to 'Capture Your Special Moments in Time' on camera.

I am a self-taught photographer, with a unique and nontraditional style, who believes that the success of a photo shoot relies on people enjoying themselves and having fun. I like to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to smile, relax and let his or her true personality shine through.

I view photography as the art of capturing beautiful and timeless images, which radiate character, emotions, personality and sentiments. I am passionate about capturing and preserving images that show people how beautiful they are, inside and out and strive for perfection in creating memories that will last you lifetime. I would love to capture you and your family in your perfect Moments in Time!

I look forward to working with you!

Central Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

DJ's Moments in Time
Photography by Donna J. Leland